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EDDM Every Door Direct Mail with SMPNY Easy as

Design • Print • Mail
We do it All For You!

       Every Door Direct Mail:  Design, Print and Mail for less than .30¢ each.       

EDDM is a new program by the USPS that gives you the ability to target your local customer without the requirement of an address! This means absolutely no mailing list or addressing fees! Additionally, we prepare the mail so that postage is as low as .175¢ per piece!

EASY as 1 - 2 - 3 !

Every Door Direct Mail Program Size EDDM
EDDM Full Color Printing Company New York

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Getting Started!

Getting your company’s name out is the first step to building a stronger business. With the USPS Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) program you can bring your business name to every doorstep. We provide printing that meet the requirements and standards of the EDDM program.

It’s as simple as selecting the size and letting us know about your design ideas.

Don’t have a design? We have your needs covered! Our in-house design team can create a customized flyer that will fit your needs. We are your first stop for the EDDM process! Start here today!


No Mailing List Required

Reach Everyone in Your Neighborhood

You Control the Drop Date

Custom Design Specific to Your Industry and Target Audience

Large Sizes Available to Accommodate All Your Information

Current Pricing Examples: Price includes design, print & sorting.Size: 8.5" x 7" 16pt, UV Coating, Full Color Front & Back

Quantity  Postage Only Design, Print, Sort & Deliver Total Cost per Unit
2,500  $437.50  $637.50  $0.43 each
5,000  $875.00  $775.00  $0.33 each
10,000  $1750.00  $1150.00  $0.29 each

Additional Fees May Apply - Pricing for December, 2015