RVC Soccer Ultimate Stadium Blanket

RVC Soccer Ultimate Stadium Blanket


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Rockville Centre Soccer Ultimate Stadium Blanket
Decorated with: 1 Color Screen Print
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Wrap the Warmth in... and zip the cold out!

This carefully designs sports blanket is constructed using two layers; the outside water-repellent nylon shell, and the cozy non-pill fleece lining.

Simply throw over your shoulders for instant protection from wind and moisture. Slip your hands into the built-in hand warmers, and "wrap" the warmth in. We've added convenient and durable zippers to close the upper part of the wrap for a total hands-free experience. You can also zip the lower part of the wrap to protect your legs while seated or standing.

Plus, we topped it off with a stow away, lined and adjustable hood for those really blustery days.

We have chosen our fabrics and notions carefully to create a product that

is comfortable, performs well, yet remains light enough to tote while on the go.